I need to go here!!!

Where is this?

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how I learned photoshop:
I clicked on a lot of things.

Damn straight.

Okay, this is turning out to be a bad thing I think …

A few weeks ago I got a sound bar for the tv. Cool new sound. Shortly after we got the tv, I tried spotify. However, you only get a 48 hour trial on a smart tv. With the sound bar I am able to Bluetooth my tablet and stream spotify.

Now the bad part.

I have been searching for music from my youth. Holy crap what they have. Anyone remember Giuffria? Keel? Holy Soldier? I don’t remember what songs I liked by them, but it is interesting hearing again what I used to like so much twenty-some years later.

Any other suggestions of 80s butt rock?

I haven’t tried the obvious candidates, you know the ones that tour on the state fair circuit. Mötley Crüe, Kiss, Def Leopard etc.

One of the girls I graduated college with …

Works at her third company doing web and design work.

Something tells me I have made a few bad decisions in my life.

Or continue to make bad decisions …

I figure I should know who this is, I suspect Madonna but my first thought was Marilyn Monroe.

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Her: turn about is fair play.

Me: See if I finger you ever again.

I was fixing dinner, my wife comes over and stands facing me …

I put a piece of chicken in her mouth. She says that is not why I came over here. She leans in and gives me a nice kiss.

Silly me.

What was I to expect since I cannot remember the last time she kissed me.

Well then, at least I’ve been fucked, now I can die.

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cat stuck in a bathtub

the face of a broken man

This made my night.

This is how I feel a lot of the time.