No really, you might not give a shit about me, but …

I do still care about you. Please be considerate and let me know if you are going to take you walk and then hang out talking to the neighbors while it gets nice and dark.


Packing up and purging old games and DVDs and …

realizing just how much of a waste the last fifteen years of my life have been.

I am in such a low place right now. I wish I could just get an apartment and be out of here. So unhappy. I thought I’ve been unhappy over the years, but to have to face the final realization of the end is disheartening.

And now what do I do? I’m nowhere in a career even after eleven years of school and a slip of paper that says I’m official.

What do I do? I just want someone to tell me. Tell me where to go and what to do now.

I feel lost and like everything I have come to know of as my life is vanishing and soon I’ll have nothing.

God damn her.

Damn her all to hell and back.


Hard lessons learned, but I do now.

I got nothing to say but yep.


Sometimes, the best way to not get your heart broken is to act like you don’t have one. 

I am slowly coming to learn.

They say For better or for worse

Apparently there is only so much worse a person can take before they abandon the marriage like rats from a sinking ship.

The soon to be ex and i went out tonight to karaoke her first song was You Were Meant For Me by Jewell.

Seriously, WTF?

Likely she was directing it towards “the one that got away” not me.

My life right now, because I thought I had it figured out but fuck me, what the fuck did I know?

Little, apparently.


Making art

This is… beautiful. Watching it brought tears to my eyes…

I love this. I would love to try ceramics like this.

Okay, I feel a little awkward when scrolling through tumbler …

And images tumbl past of tits, cocks, fuckng, and all sorts of sexi shit with my future ex sitting right next to me.

Drinking makes for horny times.



The Colbert Report: July 29, 2014

Hello sad forever.

I’ve been saying this for years.

That explains it.

(Source: myregularface)

Wanna know something really shitty that makes me feel like my life is one big wasted moment that should probably end?

I’m 42 years old, shortly I’m going to have to move into sometimes spare bedroom because my wife and i are separating since she doesn’t love me anymore and i being home a measly $1300 a month from a job that i have effectively done for eight years … Oh yeah, i have a graduate degree and a lot of credits that apply towards nothing just because i liked going back to school.