A few years ago when Alysia and I got back together we renewed our cellular contract and got new phones.

Now, two years later we are ending it for good and we renewed our contract and got new phones.

That does it. I’m done.

I sent an author a request for a few pages of the outline for his book …

And he sent me the first seven chapters worth. And suggested a book on outlining also. But just the samples were a great example.


beautiful Rose Leslie

I love her. If her red hair wasn’t sexy enough, her accent throws it over the top. If i ever get involved in another relationship, those are what I’m looking for. Redhead with a British/Scottish/Irish/Australian accent.

(Those were listed in no particular order—btw)



my life is kind of like when you’re about to sneeze and then don’t

Like being on the verge of an orgasm and getting distracted.

(Source: subtotalled)

Damn …

this girl that my soon to be ex has living in our spare room has just about as much common sense as a toad when it comes to not being loud while other people are sleeping. When you get done going to the bathroom, gently close the toilet lid not just drop it closed. Other people are still sleeping. Not that you would freaking think about that ahead of time. 

Not that it really matters to me in the long run, I’ll be out of her in just a few weeks anyway.

I want be in a positive mood

I really do. But it is so fucking difficult right now.

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

I really need to get my ass in gear and get an agent …

Does anyone want to read the synopsis for my manuscript and tell me what you think? I think my hook line is good i just need someone to read the three pages of my synopsis and tell me what you think.

It is about a guy that is told by God to torment a friend’s family from grade school. God and the devil follow him and tell him what do. If you like Dean Koontz, this is like something he would write.

Any takers?

I love reading in the thank yous and acknowledgements at the beginning of a book where the author gives a nod to his wife …

It must be nice to have that sort of support at home. Someone who’s there for you.

Yeah, it’d be nice.

The lady that gives me food at work just gave me some spring rolls …

Not be ungrateful anything, they are very good, but i worry what she might think of me. Just why do i need this food? What is don’t eat than all right now.

Then the bad part of me chimes in what of they have something vile in them and she has some secret vendetta against me.

Of well, I’m not dead so far …

And then she brought me out four more for dinner tonight.


Liking people is stupid all you end up doing is ruining songs you really liked beforehand

Holy shit! I never thought about it that way. Just another reason to never fall in love again.