Sometimes, the best way to not get your heart broken is to act like you don’t have one. 

I am slowly coming to learn.

They say For better or for worse

Apparently there is only so much worse a person can take before they abandon the marriage like rats from a sinking ship.

The soon to be ex and i went out tonight to karaoke her first song was You Were Meant For Me by Jewell.

Seriously, WTF?

Likely she was directing it towards “the one that got away” not me.

My life right now, because I thought I had it figured out but fuck me, what the fuck did I know?

Little, apparently.


Making art

This is… beautiful. Watching it brought tears to my eyes…

I love this. I would love to try ceramics like this.

Okay, I feel a little awkward when scrolling through tumbler …

And images tumbl past of tits, cocks, fuckng, and all sorts of sexi shit with my future ex sitting right next to me.

Drinking makes for horny times.



The Colbert Report: July 29, 2014

Hello sad forever.

I’ve been saying this for years.

That explains it.

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Wanna know something really shitty that makes me feel like my life is one big wasted moment that should probably end?

I’m 42 years old, shortly I’m going to have to move into sometimes spare bedroom because my wife and i are separating since she doesn’t love me anymore and i being home a measly $1300 a month from a job that i have effectively done for eight years … Oh yeah, i have a graduate degree and a lot of credits that apply towards nothing just because i liked going back to school.


Everything Love

I need to remember this right now when life seems at it’s shittiest.

This is how I’m going to be—although I won’t ever send it.

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When will this feeling is being a nearly total loser go away?

I have wasted my life thus far and fear every choice i make to be wrong.

Someone help me, who’s going to be here for me now.

Flying a drone through fireworks.

Looking at my income and what my expenditures are and will be …

i am going to be very fucked.

Even with a cheap studio or one bedroom, I’m all but screwed.

God damn that woman. What is her fucking shit. She keeps saying, “if only you were a jerk” in trying to make herself feel better. Hell in a way we are both going to be fucked. She will keep the house, roof loan, and the negative equity that comes with it.

You know, sometimes you just suck it up and deal with it. Yeah, you only get one life, but is it really that bad with me. You want to be able to go out on the weekends and party, have friends you can hang out with, do you think that stuff isn’t going to cost money that you don’t have? You think people will give you that shit for free?

And you wanna know one of the things I’m going to miss the most? Having someone to hold. A warm body beside me in bed. The quiet inhalations of someone sleeping beside me. Someone that I can kiss goodnight. Sure she says I can come to her anytime I have problems or need help, sure, once she hooks up with “the one that got away” again, do you think she is going to give two shits about my problems. Or is he going to be cool with anything like that?

I don’t have any plans to start a relationship. This one has broken me, has ruined the word and I cannot do it again. If after fifteen pretty damn good years it could end like this, not because I was abusive, or because I cheated, or because I’m a bad guy, but because she cannot get past this guy she dated twenty years ago, then fuck that.

I’m done with it all.