Any suggestions would be great.

I have a BA so the college won’t give me any financial aid beyond more loans. I don’t want loans. I’m trying for scholarships, but does anyone else have some suggestions in the event I cannot get any scholarship money?

I thought about starting a Kickstarter. I only need about $4k for the 39 credits. With profit sharing money I can pay for the books.

I’m writing an essay in an attempt to get a scholorship and word does this to me:

I write: increase the pleasure of being not only behind the wheel, but also a passenger

Word corrects: increase the pleasure of being not only behind the wheel, but also behind a passenger

Depends on what you get to do to the passenger.


i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

I’m reporting this because it disturbed me a bit.

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Stephen King being Stephen King

I wonder if he really is writing those or if his assistant covers that. I remember him speaking negatively in the past about Facebook and social media in general.

My wife went to the doctor for the woman checkup and breathing problems …

the doctor said she has asthma (to my wife’s surprise) and said for her to take Zyrtec. Wife’s friend said that stuff is great. My wife tries it one time and says “It didn’t help me” and emailed the doc about getting an inhaler. She gets the prescription and looks up the cost. $550, says “I’d rather die first” and is wheezing and coughing instead.

To be honest, it’s kinda beginning to bug me a little. Just take the fucking pill like your doctor said. Give it a little more of a chance—you bought the damn things, just freaking take them. What’s it going to hurt.


I’m laughing so fucking hard.

That is awesome!

Applying for scholorships on this used car site …

I have to write an essay about what car on their site I would like to drive while in college and why. I chose a car and am looking at the information about it it has a $219 bi-weekly price.

Really? Are they doing it this way now? Drawing people apparently too stupid to figure it out?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d take their money either way. Just be careful when looking at car prices.

I might have asked this before but …

When making Smores—how much chocolate?

I was raised half a bar, my wife a quarter.

Contender for the perfect Smore.

On the (almost) spur of the moment we decided to go camping at the beach.

I have created fire.

And i (almost) don’t fucking hate myself.

One day I’ll be pain free.



Of course, I’ll be dead…but yeah…one day…


Oh how I look forward to painlessness.