My mother in law keeps posting pro-Joe pictures of me on Facebook

I know this isn’t going to go over well with the soon to be ex. The in laws are both unhappy with the soon to be ex. Very unhappy over this split. Which makes me feel better about myself. I know that Alysia is unhappy with what she is doing, she is unhappy with life. I just worry that she is going to find out too late that the any happiness she finds will wane over time and she’ll be in this spot all over again. I think she would be better served putting in the effort to make this work instead of just moving on.

Then again, the one that got away is still out there and possibly willing. Who knows, maybe they’d be the perfect match. I personally hope they wouldn’t. But that’s just my petty vindictiveness.

Two freaking cats right outside my window growling at each other are beginning to piss me off.

Well,the money is done …

Now i just gotta sort and adjust to my new life.

Not sure how to do that really.

Anyone care to offer any suggestions?

So much anger resentment and venom flowing on this eve of my starting over …

When will she be out of my mind? Why can’t I just hit a button, eternal sunshine style and be done with her?

Random thought




I’d give Taylor Swift my autograph if she asked for it. Reblog this 1 million times so she gets the message.

I think he means it.

This is a life and death situation people!!!!! Reblog!!!!!


i cant wait to be a piece of shit w/ a bachelors degree

Hey that’s me!

Five in the morning …

and the room mate acts like it is the middle of the day.

Try to remember there are other people around here who are currently trying to sleep. Not me obviously, but others.

I have only two more nights of sleeping in my home before I will move out into the world alone.

You know, when I move out, I’m not going to have much in the way of internet, just a measly 5 gigs a month of fast data. I don’t know that I’ll be around much. Maybe just the random rant about how much I hate/love this new situation.

We’ll see.


Jim Burns
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This was the original cover of “The Long Run” by Daniel Keys Moran. One of my favorite books.

I wear a wedding ring and a ring that Aly purchased for me when we were going out sixteen years ago. I have wore it most of the time we have been married. I remember after watching Lord of the Rings I dug it out and started wearing it on my index finger since I thought it looked that Strider had one on his finger. One day last week, my wedding ring slipped off my finger three times throughout the day at work. Today, my other ring somehow ended up on the counter when I went to get an ultrasound.

They must know the end is nigh, and that they are going to have to go away. I figure I’ll just put them in a drawer somewhere, I love both of them and don’t want to get rid if them but I don’t want to be like the guy in Abyss that cannot get remove his even though he is pissed at her. It does serve him well in the end, but neither of mine are strong enough to stop anything.

I love them though. Just one more thing that this ending is ruining for me. I’ll feel strange wearing either of them before long.


courtney love’s diary 




courtney love’s diary 



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Really? I mean, fucking really?

You want me to find a song for you that the ass weasel who you are going to try your damnedest to get back with said made him think of you.

Just how much of a twat do you think I am?

Fuck you bitch!

Five more days and I’m the fuck out of here!

Was that my problem.

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